Executive Summary

Executive Summary


          In the creation of Parrish Family Farms, Georgia’s green fruit and vegetable grower, an innovative approach at providing a high-quality, safe fruit and vegetable product has been developed.  We will supply all natural food to consumers through Farmers Markets and independently owned high-end restaurants.  We believe the natural and organic movement in foodstuffs is growing and will continue to be accepted in the mainstream.  Our clients will proudly say that their fruits and vegetables are from a grower that:

  • Never uses chemical pesticides
  • Never uses chemical fertilizers
  • Grows  locally in West Georgia.  We know exactly where they come from and who the producers are.
  • Harvested daily when the product is ripe and delivered fresh.
  • Safe to eat.  Because our product is grown from Genetically Modified free seeds.
  • Utilizes sustainable practices to grow their products

Besides employing the highest standards in growing our fruits and vegetables, our customers can enjoy the personal touch of quality and services.  Our customers are buying:

  • Seasonal vegetables.  They are not frozen, picked green and allowed to ripen on the trip to the store, certified to be organic and naturally grown.
  • Eating quality that is impeccable and much more consistent than mass-produced brands.  Because we touch every aspect of production from turning the land, planting the seeds, watering the crops using water conservation techniques, harvesting, and packaging we can personally assure the integrity of our product.
  • One contact for delivery
  • A product that is produced in sustainable manner and has a minimal impact on the environment.

We seek to obtain several goals as we tempt the palates of even the most discriminating customers:

  • Expand the farm in the second year to include the wholesale of seasonal produce to at least 5 locally owned restaurants.
  • Create a recurring customer list
  • Become a school field trip destination for at least 25 elementary schools in the first year.
  • Teach at least 3 small groups, 10-20 people, about sustainable organic gardening methods in the second year.

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